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Handling and Performance - Tyres and suspension


I have one of the largest range of tyres on the Coffs Coast. And if I do not have what your preferred brand or size is, I can get it quick - normally overnight!

There is a bit of a "black art" to tyre and suspension setup to ensure your bike handles and performs as it was designed.

I am an experienced motorcycle mechanic withh 35 years in the trade. This means you have a professional fitting your tyres, not an apprentice. I am sure you can understand the importance of this long term experience in making your bike safe.

I have raced for many years, dirt, motard and road including at Bathurst - so setting up a motorbike for either road, race and dirt is my speciality.

This "black art" I truly know.

The correct tyre choice and professional installation not only means better handling for your bike, but also adds to the safety of you and your machine.


Suspension setup, and one that matches your tyre choice is paramount to ensuring that your bike runs at its peak. My racing experience means I can get your bike setup as it was designed and engineered.


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Motorcycle Service - Regular Maintenance


So many things to consider: brake calipers, pads, fluids a plenty and wheel bearings.

Maintaining a proper service schedule extends the life of you and your bike.

All bikes have been designed and engineered to undergo a periodic maintainence schedule as components do wear and require servicing or replacement.

Chains and sprockets are the perfect example no matter how well they are maintained. For me there is nothing worse than pulling up next to someone and seeing (and hearing) their chain loose rattling and rusty!

The added pressure on gearbox and engine wear if not maintained properly can come at a significant cost.

Chain adjustment is something that is regularly required. Chain lubrication imperative and visual inspection of sprocket wear by a expert mechanic can add life to your favourite toy.

Even with the proper regular attention sprockets and chain need scheduled replacement.

Chain adjustment is best done with you sitting on your bike. As for chain lube, the best is liquid white grease.

Come and see me for a free inspecton and advice on how to best look after your drive chain.


We all want an idea of what a proper service costs, so here are some examples I charge the lowest rate than most dealerships around town

$120 per hour and you get one of the most experienced mechanics!



Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki Honda, BMW & Triumph.

Factory trained technician

Modern and classic carburettor specialist

Scan tools for all BMW's and Triumphs


How I maintain my bikes - Right product right job


Motul really does produce many great products - and not just oil. Oils really aint oils, and the best in the business know that Motul tops the list in terms of performance and engine protection.

I have a few bikes, an R1, a KTM and and Z1R. they all get the right treatment. Motul Oils.

Many people ask me how I take care of my bikes, and what products I use to keep them looking so good.

I start with truckwash and give it a good wash down and a wipe over. Motul Parts clean is a great product for removing oils and the best to help find leaks.

Once washed I use Stardust Eclat to keep my bikes looking schmick. For my chain I use Motul MC Care C4 Factory Line Chain Lube - white grease!

By spending some quality time with quality products your bike you will not only add life to your bike, but also add to its resale value when something else becomes your next adventure.


Love your Bike!



Fully licenced home workshop. Appointments by booking only. Please call to book your bike in.

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Only someone who rides a motorbike can understand why a dog likes to hang its head out the car window.

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